Advanced CSV Converter

Advanced CSV Converter 6.67

Turns CSV files into TXT, SQL, XLS and other formats
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Creates TXT, SQL, XLS, XLSX, HTML, RTF, TSV, DBF, PRG and few other formats from CSV files. Embeds batch conversion abilities.

Advanced CSV Converter is a nice tool that offers a fast, simple and effective method of converting CSV files to other formats. The supported output file formats are DBF, XLS and XLSX Excel spreadsheets, TXT, HTM, PRG, XML, CSV, SQL, RTF, and TSV. Batch converting multiple files at the same time is also possible, as long as all the input files are in the same folder. Batch converting CSV files from different folders can be done only if you move them to the same folder first.

The interface is really simple to use. First, you select the files to convert and the output format and location, and then, on the next window, you get to tweak options like selecting the preferred delimiter type, filtering columns, or previewing the fields to be converter. I really like the filtering capabilities of Advanced CSV Converter, as it features customizable filters to perform certain queries based on the given sample, or set a conversion filter. Enabling skipping the duplicate entries is also possible.

To sum it all up, Advanced CSV Converter is a good choice for your CSV file conversion needs, as it's handy, intuitive, and effective.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can batch convert files from the same folder
  • Supports plenty of output file formats
  • Lets you select the preferred delimiter type
  • Lets you choose the output location
  • Allows previewing the columns and fields from the input files
  • Allows filtering out data
  • Can skip duplicate entries
  • Simple-to-use interface


  • The interface looks a bit outdated
  • A bit pricey
  • Can only batch convert files from the same folder
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